bringing Football to
The Public

A game of inches, that's what football is all about. The constant training, the Two-A-Days, all those reps make the difference between winning and loosing. Life is a game of inches, preparation is the key to success.

Blitz Evolution

The evolution of football
This piece is about the evolution of the quarterback position. Athleticism vs the quintessential pocket passer. Offensive coordinators are finding that the zone read option put the defenses on its heels. The piece foreshadows the fusion of the two type of quarterbacks and how NFL general managers and scouts will be scouting young talent who shows promise in both athleticism and precision passing.

Bringing precision to
The Public

Below I focus on how two worlds collide and how it allows one to have a deeper and meaningful conversation. Therefore blurring the communication line of each respective field.

Graphic Developer

Nov 6, 2015 - Youth Day
A graphic developer is a term coined by myself, it is the communication between graphic design and web development. Graphic developer has the ability to fused the two practices together. Below highlights an artistic expression of the communication line between the two.

bringing Dynamism to
The Public

Music has energy to lift ones spirit. It can change one perspective at a drop of an hat. Below showcases how music can be expressed through the fusion of my graphic design and fine arts skills.

Moon Hooch

Nov 6, 2015 - Youth Day
Moon hooch is a jazz rock band founded in Brooklyn, New York. What you see before you is the expression of their music in art form. I utilized acrylic paints and typography to achieve these results.

the fall to
The Public

Every empire has a beginning and an end. Empires crumble from within, when its people stop believing in its ideals. below highlight the fall of caesar augustus.

Ceasars Folly

The fall of ceaser
This is an expression of the murder and fall of the roman empire as we know it. Furthermore, this expresses the dark and sinister side of empires in general and how absolute power can corrupt. one of the piece expresses a man tied up while another showcases spears stabbing someone in the stomach.